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Reusable mirror and window clings to express love for your family, friends, and yourself!

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  • On a mirror

  • Mirror and window clings are vinyl that adhere to glass-like material by static. The clings can remain in place for as long as desired and are reusable. There is no residue left when clings are removed. When not in use, they should be re-attached to the backing on which they are shipped.

  • On a window

  • Affirmations

    Research studies have discovered affirmations have a slew of benefits, such as:

    • improve academic performance
    • increase confidence and self-esteem
    • decrease stress

    There are TikTok and YouTube videos full of affirmations. But if you like having visual reminders, Clings to Love can fill that need.

    Affirmation clings 
  • Encouragement

    Providing words of encouragement to someone you love can have a positive impact in your loved one's life, like:

    • provide motivation
    • promote emotional well-being
    • feel supported

    We all need to feel loved and supported. To share your feelings with people who are most important, Clings to Love is here to be your voice.

    Encouraging clings 

About Clings to Love

Hi there, I'm Melanie. I created Clings to Love to help spread encouragement and love in a unique way. My husband and I are parents of two athletes and an awesome Boston Terrier. The idea of mirror clings originated from a Post-It note my daughter stuck to her mirror after a mental training session with her softball team.

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