About Clings to Love

You are loved written on a post it note affixed to a mirrorHi! I'm Melanie. Clings to Love was inspired by my daughter's Post-It note. Post-pandemic, my teenaged daughter's softball team began practicing together again. To help with their mental health, the team attended a mental training session put on by an athlete who used to play collegiate softball. One takeaway of the session was to write a couple Post-It notes and put them on the mirror.

It warmed my heart that the message on one of my daughter's Post-It notes said "You are loved." Our home is full of affection with words and hugs.

I wanted to make sure that even if words of love and support are difficult for some people to share, there is a way to still say how you feel. I wanted children to always feel loved. I wanted friends to know they're appreciated. And I wanted partners to know they are valued.

I hope you find a cling or two to share with someone who means to world to you.

A special shout out to my son, who was as excited as I was when I told him what I was thinking of naming the website. He thought it was pretty clever. :)